Born on 18.03.1983 in Budapest, Hungary, EU. Piano player, session musician, songwriter, clinician, educator, producer. Endorser and artist of KORG (Audmax Kft.).

Zoltán Cséry is the pianist and motor of the modern pop band, Patché, together with Pákai Petra, and he plays a lot of hungarian pop, rock bands. His song with the Patché („Let It Go”) entered the top 21 places in the international song contest, arranged by Shure. His another own stuff is the Songs For Your Soul project for solopiano. 

Besides his own band, Zoltán Cséry is one of the best employed session keyboardplayer in Hungary, able to take on various styles from pop across jazz to rock and metal. He played with Johann Asmundsson (bassplayer of the Mezzoforte band)) at the Zugló Jazzfest. He orchestrates lot of albums of hungarian bands. He is also music director, and producer.

He teaches piano (jazz, pop, etc…) and makes workshops. More info in Piano Education page.

Employment History

  • One of the best employed pianist in his home country
  • Started to play on piano when he was 5 years old
  • Played on golden sold pop-rock albums and other stuffs (35 LP)
  • 12 years experience in private teaching 
  • Zoltan has recorded and/or performed with pop, rock, metal and jazz, experimental and progressive bands.
  • He made the famous hungarian Music workshop Konzi-Tour with Pákai Petra to young musicians in music schools, all over the country.
  • Richter János Music Art College (Győr, Hungary)
  • Kőbányai Zenei Stúdió (high school for pop, jazz musicians) Budapest, Hungary

More info on Bands page.