Piano education

I’m Zoltán Cséry pianist, composer, lyricist, music producer. I majored in piano, composition and jazz piano. I have been teaching piano, music theory, instrumentation and songwriting for twelve years. So far I had more than 70 students: some who are looking for a hobby, recreation, or want to continue their childhood studies and there are some who I have prepared for admission to different schools.

You can find Piano lessons on my YouTube channel

People come to me with different goals, different history and aptitude, that’s why personalized instruction is top priority for me.

I provide a wide range of sheet music. I feel myself at home in jazz, blues, pop, rock, funk genres. You can learn music theory, chords and use of different sounds.

Online education is also available. For any further information feel free to contact me! I’ll respond as soon as possible!

Music production

I had a lot of orchestration projects in many different styles from blues, jazz, funk to metal.

I can record the keys on your album or I can help in your producer-works (orchestrating, songwriting, and so on.). If you have a band, i can visit your rehearsals and we can build together your songs, find the good pulsations and rhythms.